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:: What After B.Tech ?? ::

You’re here because you’re confused about choosing your path after BTech. This voice must be echoing in your head -WHAT AFTER BTECH ?  Well there are many paths that leads to a successful career after BTech.We will share some of them.

There are basically three  options after completing your B.Tech:
  •  Pursue higher studies
  •  Find some job
  •  Internship trainings

1) Pursue higher Studies : You may pursue higher studies after B.Tech which consists of either M.Tech, MBA or MS. If you’re wealthy enough to afford Lakhs, you may begin your studies abroad by doing MS.
  • You just need to fill GRE form. Every year GRE conducts examination in India which includes basic aptitude and English. If you score more than 350 marks, you will get scholarship worth 50% of the expense. meanwhile, you can also earn while working at abroad. The expected expenditure of persuing MS from abroad is around 18 Lakhs per year. Though it gurantees you nice package and placement.You can also appear for exams liks Toefl, GMAT and many more.
  • You can opt for MBA after B.Tech in Finance,Banking, Human Resources, Marketing and many more sub-categories. All you need to do is appear for examinations such as CAT and MAT. Many prestigious colleges accept the scorecard of these 2 examinations including IIM’s. Though, the level of these examination is higher. Again you need to prepare for Aptitude section to qualify.
  • If you’re willing to go deeper in technical stream, you may opt for the GATE examination.If qualified, you will reserve your seat in IISC and earn some 10,000 bucks monthly.
2) Find Some Job : You need to prepare for Aptitude and technical section to get a job plus excellent communication skills which is required during Personal Interview. Nowadays, there are more vacancies in IT industries. You can prepare for programming languages to grab one.
3) Internship Trainings : It is much harder for freshers to get a job in some industries, the industries nowadays demands experience.Many of the students lack practical knowledge of the core subjects.Hence, unpaid internships are the best way to learn. You must participate in every event which is taking place nearby you to add some experience in your resume.
4) Entrepreneurship :  If you’re good enough with business or you are creative enough to setup your own industry. You may further start working on it. ‘Creating a Job is better than finding a Job’  Remember this? An quote from Social Network movie. It just needs an initiative, a risk to proceed on and a huge amount to start with.
There are many more options for the question – What After B.Tech though we’ve shared some of the ways that most of the students go for.
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