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:: UPTU students will now do research on new technologies ::

UPTU students will now be a part of research on new technologies. The research will be conducted on collaboration with U.S.A. based company, Intel semi-conductor. The students and teachers with the support of this firm will accomplish the task of Research and Development.

This will be much advantageous to the students since the students get a chance to develop the skills of Innovation. On the other hand, the university UPTU is also going to update its syllabus for various courses. For detailed info, visit here.


Thus,almost 2.5 lakh students of UPTU are going to be benefited by these things.

With the support of Intel, the research will be performed in the following fields:
  • Bio-Medical Health kit
  • Consumer Electronics Product
  • Agriculture Instruments
  • Robotics

According to UPTU Registar , R.K. Khandal , MOU will be signed with America based Intel semiconductor company. After this Intel will make students to work on new technologies. The students will also be praised for Internship. The knowledge and skills are also more developed. They will be giving a chance to develop new technologies and products based on the current demand.

The gap which is between what we are taught and what is being implemented in today's world will be narrowed.

The students during the session of their studies when be a part of these research will be getting more job opportunities in today's world. The center of excellence will also be established at the same time in I.E.T, Lucknow campus.

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