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Due to the carelessness of the university UPTU, the future of almost 4500 students is in trouble. The university has stopped the result of almost 4500 students of 44 colleges of UPTU as the registration of these students were done after the prescribed schedule. Thus, the university stopped their affiliation to the university. Hence, thereafter the result of these students have been stopped.

Already the result of the first year students of UPTU had been affected due to this tragedy. The result came late almost to one month. The university has not yet declared the result of these students. Along these 44 colleges of UPTU, there are two colleges of Ghaziabad. BBDIT, Ghaziabad and RKGIT, Ghaziabad are the two colleges. The future of the students of BBDIT- Civil, Mechanical and EEE, RKGIT- Civil are in trouble. The students of BBDIT Ghaziabad caused havoc in the campus.

All these students are in trouble. The college administration is continuously procastinating the decision giving the excuse of the case in court. The officials of BBDIT Ghaziabad tried to solve this issue by giving their students  chance to transfer them in CS-IT branches. But, this did the deed of catalyst in fire by irritating the students. The students raise voice against their college BBDIT by accusing them of taking the fine of 3500 Rs.

Acc to Vice Chancellor of UPTU, R.K.Khandal, the colleges which applied after 15 May could not be given affiliation due to the orders of court. Nothing can be done for these students. If relaxation is allowed by court, then a decision shall be taken for transferring these students to other colleges.

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