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:: GATE 2015 Pattern Exam Question Paper Structure & Marking ::

Gate 2015 exam will be conducted in online mode, which will be a Computer Based Test (CBT) and GATE 2015 pattern are totally changed. Question Paper Structure, Marks distribution is common for CS, EE, ECE, ME, CSE, CH papers:

Total Numbers of Question: 65
Total Marks of GATE Exam 2015: 100
Total Duration: 3 hours
General Aptitude (GA): 10 questions of 15 Marks

Engineering Mathematics: 15 Marks
Technical Questions (subject of the paper): 70 Marks

GATE 2015 paper patterns contain two different type of questions:

(1) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): Objective questions carrying 1 or 2 marks, where each question will have a choice of four answers, out of which the candidate has to mark the correct answer(s), in all papers and sections. (2) Numerical Answer Questions: Each question of 1 or 2 marks in all papers and sections. For these questions the answer is a real number, to be entered by the candidate using the virtual keypad. No choices will be shown for this type of questions.

The questions in a paper may be designed to test the following abilities:

(1) Recall: These are based on facts, principles, formulae or laws of the discipline of the paper. The candidate is expected to be able to obtain the answer either from his/her memory of the subject or at most from a one-line computation.
(2) Comprehension: These questions will test the candidate's understanding of the basics of his/her field, by requiring him/her to draw simple conclusions from fundamental ideas.
(3) Application: In these questions, the candidate is expected to apply his/her knowledge either through computation or by logical reasoning.
(4) Analysis and synthesis: In these questions, the candidate is presented with data, diagrams, images etc. that require analysis before a question can be answered. A synthesis question might require the candidate to compare two or more pieces of information.

Marking scheme of GATE 2015 Exam question paper will be as follow:
  • For 1-mark multiple-choice questions: deduction of 1/3 marks for a wrong answer
  • For 2-marks multiple-choice questions: 2/3 marks will be deducted for a wrong answer.
  • For Numerical answer type questions: No Negative Marking.
  • No marks for unattempted questions.
  • Sectional cut-off (Technical/Non-Technical like Engineering mathematics & General Aptitude) are not applied in GATE exam.
Examination Mode: There will be examinations of all 22 papers will be conducted by an ONLINE Computer Based Test (CBT).
NOTE : Calculator is allowed whereas charts, graph sheet or Tables are NOT allowed in the examination hall.

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