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:: Shaken by cam in girls' hostel, UPTU orders campus infra audit ::

Following the detection of a spy camera in the girls' hostel of a an engineering college in Noida, the Uttar Pradesh Technical University has written to all its affiliate institutions, asking them to submit a detailed audit report of campus facilities.

The university has asked the managements of affiliated colleges and institutes to look into all aspects of safety, security and dignity of women on campus. It will analyze these reports to determine if a campus is women-friendly and follows standard guidelines specified by the UGC.

Last week, nearly 4.000 students of JSS Academy of Technical Education in Noida protested on campus after a spy camera was found in the washroom of girls' hostel room. Four suspects, including a plumber, a mechanic and his associate, were detained by the police. The college, too, formed an internal committee to investigate. "Such incidents are a matter of shame for all of us," the UPTU letter addressed to the colleges said.

R K Khandal, UPTU vice-chancellor, said the university had asked for a report on the discovery of the spy camera and protests.

"They said the report has been sent to us but it has not reached us yet The spy-camera incident is eye-opener for all. The guilty must be brought to book, and the college/institute officials should ensure such incidents do not take place," he said.

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