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:: Rules for Carry over paper in UPTU ::

Most of students suffer back in there subjects and are not able to clear the paper because they don't know the rule and suffer special carry over.

Here are the thing you should know before you clear the back papers.

What are credits?

When you will check your result, you will see that there is a 5th column for credits. Each subject carries a certain value of credits and different subjects have different credits. Practical exams also carries credit.

How credits are given?

  • If a student secures minimum passing marks ( 30 out of 100, 15 out 50), the student is allotted full credits in that particular subject.
  • If a student fails to secure minimum passing marks in any particular subject, the student is provided with Zero  Credits.
So a student either gets full credits or no credits.

Result Status

At the bottom of your result you will see a result status. What does it means?
  • PASS : If a student gets full credits in all the subjects including theory and practical,which means he have scored more than 30 and 15, in 100 and 50 marks exam respectively, then the student is declared as Pass.
  • PCP : Pass with carry papers. This status is allocated when a student have less than 4 carryovers in theory and less than 2 carryover in practical exams. In this case, student is allowed to be promoted to next year. Also the student must have minimum of 24 or more credits in theory subjects and minimum of 8 credits in practical subjects. Credits of GP (General Proficiency) will not be counted in the above calculation.
  • PCP- A : This status is provisional and is given to those students who have carryover. . In this case, the student will have to score 26 or more credits in theory subjects and 8 or more credits in practical subjects by appearing in carryover examinations. In case the student will fails to fulfil this condition, the PCP-A status will be changed to Fail.
  • Fail : If this status is written in your result, it means that you will  have to re appear for the examinations in the same academic year and you will not be promoted to next year. This is popularly known as year back.

Difference Between Marksheet of a PASS student and a FAIL student

PASS Student


FAIL Student


What is internal back?

Each semester carries 1000 marks out of which 500 marks are in the hands of college authority. These marks are given on the basis of your performance in college sessional marks. Different subjects carries different marks. If a student gets an internal back but has scored enough marks in external exam, then it will not be counted as carryover and his status will be termed as pass. For example: A subject of total 150 marks have 100 marks in external exams and 50 marks in internal exams. For getting pass status, he needs to score total 45 marks. If a student gets 10 marks in internal exams ( fail ) but secures 35 marks in external, he scores total of 45 marks thus getting the pass status.

Grace marks rule:

According to this rule, a student will be given at most 10 grace marks in a subject.
For Example: If a student is having back in three subjects- Subject 1 back by 7 marks , Subject 2 back by 2 mark., Subject 3 back by 1 mark. then he will be awarded grace marks in all subjects because now there is provision of awarding at most 10 marks (new rule) than of 5 marks (old rule).

How can you clear your back?

There is a rule for clearing back(s). Backs of odd sem can be cleared in odd sem only and backs of even sem can be cleared in even sem only. You will get the notice from the college or from the official website about the carryover. You will have to fill the form worth Rs.500 and will have to give the exam again until you clear it. You can give maximum of 4 carryovers at one time. Most of the times carryover exams takes place after the regular exams. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR DEGREE IF YOU HAVE PENDING BACK.

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