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UPTU MBA is being carried out in the Shriram Group of Education. The colleges are playing with the career of students those are studying in Shriram Group of Education and pursuing MBA. The college without registration is carrying out MBA course which has not been approved by the university. The university has decided to take strict disciplinary action against this college. The college is responsible for carrying out MBA without taking affiliation from the university. It has also played with the life of many students.

The university has asked the college to submit its response to the concerned non-affiliation. The college has taken a large amount of bribe from the students. These students were sent to othe college in Noida. When these students were asked about their college, they informed that they belong to a college in Muzaffarnagar. When the officials enquired, the whole hidden process comes into existence.

The students are advised to be aware before taking admission in the college. The students should check the affiliation with the university. The college can be found responsible but the career of students can be damaged. So be aware and let others aware.

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