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:: Useful Tips to clear your UPTU Semester exams without backlog ::

Useful Tips to clear your UPTU Semester exams without backlog Its now only one and half months are left for the semester exams of UPTU and still we have a large UPTU syllabus to study. Exams time is the most confusing and critical  time as per my experience. Here I am sharing  some of my personal experience and also felt by my close friends. These  tips can help you a lot. I have prepared these tips which can be very useful to you.  In engineering we have got a vast  UPTU syllabus and time is not sufficient because most of you do not study from beginning. That is the actual reason that we feel nervous and stressed during exam times.  

Tips for Examination:-

Almost all subjects are divided into 5 units as per UPTU Syllabus.

1.) Divide each subject units into three parts 
          #units in which you are good and have good UPTU notes.
          #units in which you are average but some work need to be done.
          #units on which are totally confusing .
     This will help you to plan the way you need to study.

2.) Write down syllabus of each unit in point form. So that you can know on which portion you need to do work.

3.) Look over the previous years question papers to see the pattern and questions which are  repeated over time.

4.) Concentrate fully on 3 units (which you find easy) and balance 2 units by studying  the most important topics.

5.) Try to practice the answers by writing. this will give you an idea on time the answer needs and will make you confident.

6.) In subjects like mechanics, strength of materials,thermodynamics which are totally numerical based focus more on formulas and concept. Don’t lose confident as students make their minds that these subjects are difficult and back is for sure. If you notice you will find that these subjects are more scoring you just need to focus little much more.

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7.) In the examination hall 
       (i) Check your desk. anything written or any paper can make you fall in trouble.
       (ii) Draw margins on left hand side/fold. Try to use last page for rough work.
       (iii) Carefully read question paper and select the question you think you are good.
       (iv) Clearly write the answer number in bigger font For Example Q.No 1 (A) and not (A).
        (v) draw a line to separate each part of a answer. Ensure that you get marks in each sub part.
        (vi) After a Question is finished, start next Question from next 

8.) Ways to write answer quickly
            (I) Write to the point in point form.
            (II) Draw more diagrams.Remember  diagrams convey meaning quickly, correctly and will help you in getting good marks

9.) Before submitting Answer sheet:
        A) Check all questions have been answered and are divided by line.
        B). Do revise as much as you can only if you have time left.
        C) Check your roll no, subject code, paper etc are correctly written as  mistake init can hold your result.

10.) Avoid cuttings in your answers. Try not to leave any part blank pages in between. Do not indulge in any argument with any invigilator or FlyingSquad.

"Study hard & UPTUNEWS.TK wishes you best of luck for your exams."

Useful Tips to clear your UPTU Semester exams without backlog

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