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Prof RK Khandal, vice-chancellor of Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) has resumed office after directions from the Governor's House to do so. He had earlier sent in his resignation to governor Ram Naik on January 19. His resignation was however put on hold.

Prof Khandal who was on leave till January 22, came back to work on January 24 and met directors of private colleges of western UP. Resuming office in the Noida campus instead of the Lucknow campus, Prof Khandal also presided over the Republic Day celebrations of the university.

According to sources, the governor, who is also the chancellor of the state universities, has directed Prof Khandal to carry on his duties untill a further decision on the acceptance of his resignation is taken.

Meanwhile, the semester results of students at UPTU that are slated to come in February are set to get delayed as coding of the answer sheets is yet to begin.

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