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:: Now Three Years Validity of GATE scorecard ::

The graduate aptitude test in engineering (GATE) score's validity, which was for two years only till now, has been extended to three years henceforth. Earlier, the two-year validity rule was serving as an obstacle for students, who wanted to do their M.Tech after joining jobs and gaining appropriate working experience.

A senior official of the GATE admission committee said that a student who wanted to work for two years to repay a loan taken before admission to B.tech couldn't do so till now as his GATE score would have lapsed. But the change in rule will give flexibility.

Also all the applications for admission will have to be made online on GATE online application processing system (GOAPS) website and the requirement to submit the hard copies to the concerned authorities which existed earlier is no more in the picture as reported by a daily. Also the scoring formulas have also undergone minor changes with examinations for all 21 papers to be conducted through the online computer based test (CBT).

Amartya Singh, course director (GATE), TIME group said that increasing the validity period of scores will provide a wider window for application to M.tech courses. This change would provide flexibility to students now. Now instead of February-March, the GATE exam will now be conducted in January-February. Also, the students would now be provided with an online calculator during the exam and no personal calculators would be allowed.
Credit: IndiaToday

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