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:: UPTU cancelled external practical exam of BBD University ::

According to TOI news on 22nd Jan 2015, BBD university external practical exam answer sheets copies were found in scrap shop. Uttar Pradesh Technical University and Babu Banarasi Das University take action against this serious matter.

Action taken by UPTU
First one, external practical exam of BBD university is cancel. Practical exams will be held again in BBD. University itself will monitor these exams.
Second one, External teacher who send marks of these answer sheets copies is debar two year.

All copies are of BBD university Electronics and Communication practical exam, which are found in scrap shop, after that one question is arise that how BBD university send practical marks to university when these copies are unchecked.

Action taken by BBD
BBD university registered a case in police station for investigation
Head of EC department has been removed by BBD university.

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