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:: Sluggish evaluation making delay in UPTU result; Threat to Final Year Students ::

Semester examinations at UP Technical University (UPTU) got over on January 15 but evaluation process is moving at a snail's pace. At this rate, results are expected to be out by April-end or May first week. Delay in results will hit final year students most as they have to appear for various competitive examinations and/or apply for jobs.

One-and-half month after exams got over, only 10 lakh answer copies have been coded. There are around 22 lakh answer copies to be coded, evaluated and then decoded before results are announced. Officials claim that to ensure timely results, evaluation is in progress along with coding. In Lucknow, answer copies have yet to reach evaluation centres.

There are about 60 private colleges that have turned into evaluation centres, three times last year's. For the first time, answer sheets are being transported to college-cum-centres, thereby, increasing risk of 'leakage'. This becomes important in the wake of recent incident where unchecked answer copies of external practical examination of BBD-NIIT, were found with a scrap dealer. College directors have been asked to act as head examiners to supervise the evaluation work.

What's fascinating is that employees of the same colleges are involved in the coding process, thus, defeating the very purpose of coding where the evaluator does not know even the students' roll number. In the students roll number, the third, fourth and fifth digit comprises the college code. TOI has access to the faculty coding register which shows details of employees of different colleges involved in coding process.

The usual practice is to evaluate a single subject at one centre under the supervision of head and deputy examiners. Head examiners distribute the solution to the evaluators who accordingly award marks to students. After all the answer copies are checked, the head examiner picks up 10% copies randomly for re-evaluation. In case the evaluator has not awarded marks properly, he/she is asked to evaluate the copy again.

Facing acute shortage of evaluators, said examination officials, the university was forced to make more colleges as evaluation centres. "The academic session is on in full swing. Colleges are not ready to relieve teachers so that they can be sent to different evaluation centres in different cities,'' said a source.

The coding exercise will not be completed before March. Even if the evaluation is completed in April, it will take another 15 days to get answer copies decoded. Semester exams are scheduled from the first week of May, making the task even more difficult.

UPTU vice-chancellor R K Khandal said, "Results will be declared on time, beginning March,'' adding that answer copies are not transported to colleges. "It's highly confidential. I cannot share more information,'' he said.

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