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According to the latest report in leading newspaper, almost 59% B.Tech students are having at least one backlog. Only 41% B.Tech students are clear pass in Uttar Pradesh Technical University odd semester result 2014-15. These stats are for the first year students. Almost 25% students are there who are having backlogs in at least 4 or more subjects out of 5.

In third year, 48% students are there who are clear pass in all the subjects and 52 % students are having at least one backlog. Overall there has been 9% decrease in the university results.

Hard Checking to Improve UPTU Semester Results:

  • The university officials have declared that the strictness has been imposed while checking the copies so that the students do more hard work to achieve good results. 
  • This will result in better placement opportunities for the students.
The students need to work hard to achieve good marks in the upcoming semester examinations. The result of 3rd and 7th semester examinations are good but of 1st and 5th sem examinations is much worse. The students will have to work hard to get better result and better placement opportunities.

Nothing can be said regarding the checking pattern about the university. Nothing can also be said about the question paper pattern of the upcoming even semester examinations 2014-15. The students need to work hard and study harder.

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