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:: UPTU debared BBD NIIT from all examination process ::

UPTU founded some semester uncheck practical answer sheet copies in scrap shop in Lucknow. After this UPTU official take a tight decision and debarred BBD NIIT from all UPTU UPSEE 2015 examination activities like centre for UPSEE entrance exam or centre of semester examination and some other also.

Previously UPTU also debar 3 teacher and cancel all practical examination of the college whose copies found in scrap shop. After this incident UPTU used software system to select teachers for practical examination.

Confirming this, controller of examinations BN Mishra said teachers of one group will not be sent to a college for taking practical examinations. After the incident, the university has also made changes in its software used for random selection of examiners for practical exams. This action has been taken on the recommendations of the committee.

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