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:: UPTU Semester Exam Official Question Paper Pattern [ Number of Question, Words in a Answer, Marks Distribution ] ::

Uttar Pradesh Technical University Lucknow Guide Line For Semester Examination Question Paper

The following Guideline with new pattern must be followed for preparing of question paper and question bank Official announce on uptu.ac.in.

1) Question paper pattern should consist of three types of questions, short answer type, medium answer type and long type answer type. Paper may be divided in three section such as A, B and C.

2) First type question should have ten parts without any internal choice. Second type of question may have five (out of eight) and third type two (out of three). All types question shall cover complete syllabus.

3) The limit of answer for first type question may vary from one word to maximum of thirty words with approximately 3 minute each. Second type of question may be kept approximately 250 words of about 15 minutes each and third types of approximately 400 words of 30 minute each.

4) Marks may be kept 2, 10, 15 with maximum 20(=2*10), 50(=10*5) and 30(=15*2) for first, second and third types respectively with total 100 marks.

5) Question may be categorized as per the complexity level. These should be memory based, application based and evaluation/reflection based.

6) The long question may preferably consists of several parts depending on type of courses contents.

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