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:: AKTU / UPTU Information on 10 Marks Grace Rule ::

The new rule regarding 10 grace marks has been declared by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU/UPTU). Now students will get benefit of 10 grace marks in their academic session.

Benefits of 10 Marks Grace Rule:

1. By getting 10 marks in grace, students can now get rid of PCP (Promoted with Carry Paper) status by PWG (Passed With Grace) status.
2. This rule will be applicable on both internal as well as external exams.
3. PCP status will make a star (*) on your marksheet but PWG status will not have star sign backed on any subject. This also create better job opportunity in future.
4. No special carry over fees.

How UPTU 10 Marks Grace Rule is applied :

The University will distribute 10 grace marks as follows:
1. If you have only 1 back in any paper in a particular academic session then you are eligible to get 10 marks grace rule benefit.
2. If you have back in 2 or more than 2 subjects than your 10 marks will be distributed in such a way that maximum 5 marks can be allotted in 1 subject and remaining in other.
3. This APJAKTU 10 marks grace rule is applicable only and only if after giving grace you are able to pass in that subject otherwise no grace will be given.
4. This AKTU 10 marks grace rule can be used again and again in each year.
5. These 10 marks grace rule is provided after combining even and odd semester result of a particular academic year, suppose you have back in odd semester (1st/3rd/5th/7th Semester) then after the declaration of even semester result (2nd/4th/6th/8thSemester) this rule will be applied, if you are eligible to get benefit of this Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University 10 marks grace rule than your PCP status will be changed to PWG.
6. This AKTU 10 marks grace rule is applied in both external as well as internal marks.

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