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:: AKTU ABES Student Harshit Srivatava Died : RIP ::

#uptukhabar: Hello everyone, there is one bad news for all the AKTUians. We have lost our one AKTU students from ABES college. There is a news that in ABES College, Ghaziabad situated at NH-24, a student studying in second year died due to a pole that was in the ABES ground in which current was there. The student was from Allahabad and was studying in ABES Engineering College. The acident took place at night on 26 July, 2016. On 27 July 2016, Wednesday, other students of ABES college saw the victim Harshit Srivastav’s body was pinned by the pole.

The students of ABES jammed the NH24 yesterday, after which the police talked to the students and then they agreed to go back. The students lso protested at the college gate and carried out the candle march for the victim. The police also gave the news to the Harshit’s parents. The case was registered against the college authorities.

The Harshit was a 2nd year student pursuing engineering from Electrical Branch. According to his hostle mates, On tuesday night at 12pm he walked out of hostle towards the ABES ground talking on the mobile phone. After that he didn’t came back. In Wednesday morning, at 6:30am when seniors went for the walk who saw Harshit’s dead body and his phone was also lying beside him.
We all request to all the students to not go out at light night like this, and also to all the colleges to take care of such careless attitude.
*Post By: Ayushi Mishra


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